domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

3rd week of November and first analyses

Here are the data from the 3rd week of November:

208 km in 8 hours and 30 minutes.

 This weekend I trained with some friends, Saturday in Montilla (Córdoba) and Sunday in Granada. We were lucky and could cycle without raining. Although today it was quite cold here in Granada. But cold is what you have to expect here in Granada in the next weeks, probably until February. Anyway, the motivation is high.

On the 8th of November I had my first analyses. These are the results:

Corporal composition:

Fat: 5,47 kgs / 8,32%
Muscle: 33,70 kgs /51,21%
Bone: 10,77 / 16,37
Residual: 15,86 / 24,10%
Total weight: 65,4 kg

Effort test:
Protocol: Start with 50 wats. Increments of 25 wats/min


Maximum Frequency: 180 bpm
VO2max: 71,429 ml/kg/min (this is an estimation. When I stopped I was at 70 ml/kg/min)
Maximum power: 350wats
Maximum aerobic power (P.A.M): 350wats
Anaerobic threshold: 250 wats (54,711 ml/kg/min= 76,596%)
Aerobic threshold: 150bpm
Anerobic threshold: 162bpm

I hope to reach the 400 wats with the training, and get the AnT to 170-175 bpm. My trainer recommend a weight of 63 kg at the start of the Tour. He says we might loose 3 kg during the three weeks.

Blood test:

Cholesterol HDL: 92 mg/dL
Cholesterol LDL: 103 mg/dL
Trigliceridos: 65 mg/dL
Iron: 107 ng/dL
Ferritin: 111 ng/mL
Hematies: 4,94 x10(6)/uL
Hemoglobin 15,4 g/dL
Hematocrit: 45,8%

Conclusion: at the moment everthing is ok. Next blood test in January. And next effort test in March, to see the effects of the training. The 3rd effort test will be in June.


3 comentarios:

  1. No está nada mal ambos test.
    Veo que estas bastante fuerte en bici y más con el peso que tienes.
    ¿Potencia máxima 350 w? será sobre algún parametro. Aahhh es la máxima alcanzada en el test, ¿no?

  2. si, la máxima que alcancé en el test. Juan me dice que tengo que intentar llegar a 400 watios, con dos kilos menos de peso. La idea es bajar 2-3 kilos más, para llegar al Tour con 62-63. Allí bajaremos peso seguro. PEro bueno, por ahora la cosa va bien.

  3. És complicado llegar a 400 w y perder peso, ten cuidadin. Muchos w/kg
    Ojalá llegues.