domingo, 10 de abril de 2011


Hi all,

Many things to tell about this two lasts week. Regarding the training, last week I could not train, I'll explain why later. This week I have trained from thursday till sunday: 288 km in 11 hours.

I could not train last week because of two problems: First, I have a problem with my new Pinarello FP4: I was changing to the big front gear when the part that helps regulating the front derailleur cable went off the frame. So, no bike to train.
Apart from that, I became quite ill on wednesday. I had (and still have) "candidiasis" (don't know the word in english), that cover my month and throat. So due to the soar throat and the ulcers in my mouth I could barely eat. Consequence: I lost 2,5 kg in 4 days.
Taking a strong treatment from Monday helped me to recover quickly, so that I could start training again last Thursday. I'm not fully recovered yet, but much much better. So I hope to get completely well and fully recovered in terms of strenght for my trainings this week.
Concerning the bike, I sent the frame to Pinarello, hoping they would send a new frame, because the carbon was damaged. However, they sent the same frame repaired. As you could imaging, I don't want to ride this frame anymore. The bike shop tender, a friend of mine, assumed all the responsability, so that I would not pay an euro for that frame. I have helped him contacting Pinarello Italy. See if they can give him a solution, that is, a new frame. In my case as you can imaging i don't want Pinarello anymore, so I ordered a new Kuota Kebel. I hope to have it in 10 days. In the meantime I borrowed a specialized Tarmac from a friend.

Apart from that we had goods news from ASO and the Prefecture (Police) of the Alpes. We won't have any trouble for our stage Modane-Alpe d'Huez. That day we will climb the Galibier during the morning and the pro peloton will arrive at the Galibier that afternoon, at the end of their stage. But, as I said, not worries for us.

Tomorrow I will design our maillot. See if you like it. BkFit, a cycling apparel company will sponsor us.


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